Traditional Scottish Whiskey - A Souvenir with History and Taste

Traditional Scottish Whiskey – A Souvenir with History and Taste

Scots Whiskey is produced in Scotland. This is a great way to bring back a classic souvenir and enjoy it. This drink has been around for hundreds of years. The Ancient Celts were skilled at distilling. It was originally called the “water of life” or the uisge beatha. Scotch Whiskey was born from this process. There are many types, but we will only cover single grain, vatted/blended, and blended. Single grain whiskey is rare and wonderful. Only seven distilleries make grain whiskey in the country. Vatted/blended Malt Whiskey is sometimes called pure malt. It is also less popular. This type of whiskey does not contain any grain whiskeys. These whiskeys have undergone a major change in their labels.

Blended whiskey is the most loved whiskey. It accounts for more than ninety percent the whisky produced in Scotland. Blended whiskey was created to replace the harsh single-grain whiskey. There are many blends that can be made to suit specific companies. Different whiskeys can be made in different ways. Malt Whiskey can only be made from one grain, which is barley. It is distilled in pot stills. After single malt vs blended scotch whiskey the barley has been steeped in water, it must be malted. Then, they must allow the barley to germinate. Traditional malting releases enzymes that break down starches and turn them into sugar. Once this is done, the barley can be dried. For a more earthy flavour, you can add peat to the fire or smoke it.

Even if you don’t drink whiskey, traditional whiskeys are still great. They are beautiful and would look great on a mantelpiece. The makers will then mash the ingredients and ferment them. The malt is then made into “grist”. It is then mixed with hot water in a mashing tun. This is known as mashing. They then distill the contents. This increases the alcohol content and removes impurities. After the maturation process, this traditional beverage is ready for sale.