Review of KambalapalliKathalu Chapter1 Mail

Review of KambalapalliKathalu Chapter1 Mail

The Telugu film industry is a gold mine that keeps dishing out unmatched entertainment one after the other. Telugu movies are a treat for the eyes with their extravagant movie sets, absolutely stunning locales, incredible songs, exceptional production standards, hair-raising action sequences, dance steps that force you to get up and dance, and sensational on-screen performances. It is no wonder then that fans lined up in long queues, waiting to catch a glimpse of their superstars online.

However, like the other film industries in India, the Telugu film industry’s popularity also subsided due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown. The lockdown primarily has led to theatres shutting down indefinitely. Even if they were to reopen soon, it is unsure if fans would be willing to visit cinema halls.

However, the extremely difficult to negotiate time has paved the way for the emergence of a wholly new media, the OTT platform. The OTT platform is nothing short of a blessing for audiences starved of their dose of entertainment. OTT platforms like Aha have provided audiences with the freedom to enjoy their favorite web shows and regional and Indian movies online from the safety of their homes. The platform acted as a lifeline for the Telugu film industry, which rejuvenated itself to deliver outstanding movie productions.

In the past few years, the Telugu film industry has provided audiences with some special releases. One such example is the movie Mail. The movie contains several soul-touching moments and notable performances. Let’s take a review of KambalapalliKathalu Chapter1 Mail.

The Storyline

The movie takes us back to the early 2000s when small towns and villages in India were still struggling to understand what a computer is.

Hybath (Priyadarshini), a small-time photographer in a Telangana village, brings home a computer. The computer becomes an object of curiosity for the village youth. Soon, Ravi (Harshith Reddy) decides to know more. He creates an email id for himself. After a few days, Ravi receives a fake email informing him that he has won a lottery of Rs. 2 crores. The remainder of the movie is how Ravi’s life takes a turn after he receives the Mail.

The film has been nicely set up in the small town of Telangana. The innocence and perception of people living in small towns and villages have been well showcased.

Harshith Reddy, the lead hero, perfectly fits the role of a confused man. Priyadarshini delivers a compact performance in his small but impactful role.

The camerawork is fabulous and enhances the look of the small town beautifully. The dialogues, makeup, and costumes perfectly match the movie’s settings and genre. The director, UdayGurrala, has done a commendable job. He has transformed a well-written story and stellar performances from the cast into a match-winning effort.


The movie Mail is an absolute entertainer that keeps its audiences glued till the very end. The film is based on a concept audiences will love and contains fine performances. Subscribe to Aha today and enjoy movies like Mail and more from the safety of your home.